Central Valley Flood Protection Board Permitting

A Central Valley Flood Protection Board (CVFPB) Permit is required for every proposal or plan of work, including the placement, construction, reconstruction, removal, or abandonment of any landscaping, culvert, bridge, conduit, fence, projection, fill, embankment, building, structure, obstruction, encroachment or works of any kind, and including the planting, excavation, or removal of vegetation, and any repair or maintenance that involves cutting into the levee, wholly or in part within any area for which there is an Adopted Plan of Flood Control, as defined by California Code of Regulations (CCR) Title 23, Division 1, must be approved by the CVFPB prior to commencement of work. Permits may be required by the CVFPB for existing structures that predate permitting or where it is necessary to establish the conditions normally imposed by permitting. The circumstances include those where responsibility for the encroachment has not been clearly established or ownership and/or the uses have changed.

In general, if the proposed work is located within the State Plan of Flood Control, within 300 feet of a Designated Floodway (DF) that has been adopted by the CVFPB, or within 30 feet from the banks of a CVFPB Regulated Stream per CCR, Title 23, Section 112, Table 8,1, a permit will be required. Not sure? Please contact us at (916) 574-0609, or by e-mail at Questions@CVFlood.ca.gov.