General Permit Application Information

Approval by the Central Valley Flood Protection Board (CVFPB) is required for all proposed work or uses which encroach into rivers, waterways, and floodways, within and adjacent to federal and State authorized flood control projects, Regulated Streams (CCR Title 23, Division 1, Table 8.1) and within Designated Floodways (DF’s) that have been adopted by the Board. CVFPB Jurisdiction includes the levee section, the waterward area between project levees, a minimum 10-foot-wide strip adjacent to the landward levee toe, within 30 feet from the top of bank(s) of Regulated Streams, and inside CVFPB’s DF’s. Activities outside of these limits which could adversely affect the flood control project, as determined by CVFPB staff, are also under CVFPB’s Jurisdiction. Using the Best Available Map (BAM) viewer is the best way to identify these areas. Hardcopies of Designated Floodways can be viewed at CVFPB’s office in Sacramento, or at the appropriate county recorder’s office.

Questions should be directed to CVFPB staff by e-mail at:, by
phone at (916) 574-0609, or by regular mail to:

Central Valley Flood Protection Board
Attention: Permitting Section
3310 El Camino Avenue, Suite 170
Sacramento, California 95821

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The Central Valley Flood Protection Board announces its first annual employee recognition awards

In December 2018, CVFPB honored three of its employees for their outstanding staff work and contributions to the Board. The recipients of these first CVFPB awards are:

Permitting Section Chief Gary Lemon
2018 Sustained Superior Accomplishment Award

HR Analyst Amber Woertink
2018 Sustained Superior Accomplishment Award

Office Assistant Wendy Valdez
2018 Sustained Superior Accomplishment Award

All three have demonstrated an exceptional work ethic and pride in their work, even with juggling many duties, dependability, initiative, a "can do" positive and helpful attitude, and promoted a productive "team work" atmosphere at the Board. Congratulations to Gary, Amber, and Wendy - the Board thanks you for your service. You can read more about why these employees were selected in the links above.