Channel Design Profiles

The following Corps of Engineers’ design channel profiles for several portions of the Sacramento and San Joaquin River flood control projects are now available to the public electronically from DWR and The Reclamation Board.

File formats are .doc for Microsoft Word and .pdf for Adobe Acrobat files. If you don’t already have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer, the latest version is available for free downloading at the Adobe Systems, Inc.

Sac River Basin 1 of 4 Sacramento River (5,761K .pdf*)

Sac River Basin 2 of 4 Willow Slough, Ulatis Creek, Hass Slough, Sacramento Bypass, Sutter Slough, Elk Slough, Lindsey Slough, Miner Slough, Cache Slough, Tisdale Bypass, Three Mile Slough, Butte Basin Bypass, Sutter Bypass, Cache Creek, Yolo Bypass, Putah Creek, Georgiana Slough, Wadsworth Intercepting Canal, Wadsworth Canal, Steamboat Slough (487K .pdf*)

Sac River Basin 3 of 4 American River, East Natomas Canal, Back Levee Reclamation District 108, Simmerly Slough, North Dry Creek, W.P Interceptor Channel, Natomas Cross Canal, South Dry Creek, Yuba River, Arcade Creek, Linda Creek, Honcut Creek, Feather River, Bear River, Yankee Slough (5,234K .pdf*)

Sac River Basin 4 of 4 Butte Creek, Willow Creek, Wilson Creek, Walker Creek, Mud Creek, Cherokee Canal (Dry Creek), North Bank Gold Run Creek, Little Chico Diversion Canal, Antelope – Salt Creek Diversion, Deer Creek, Thomes Creek, Chico Creek – Sandy Gulch – Lindo Channel, Elder Creek (4,826K .pdf*)

San Joaquin River and Tributaries: San Joaquin River, Paradise Cut, Merced River, Tuolumne River, Stanislaus River (3,074K .pdf*)

Kings River: Kings River and Tulare Lake (4,937K .pdf*)

Cache Creek Basin, Middle Creek Project, Alley Creek, and Poge Creek, Division Channel, Middle Creek, Scott Creek, Clover Creek, Clover Creek Extension (222K .pdf*)

Mormon Slough 1 of 6 Calaveras River (1,057K .pdf*)

Mormon Slough 2 of 6 Calaveras River, Stockton Diverting Canal (954K .pdf*)

Mormon Slough 3 of 6 Mormon Slough, Stockton Diverting Canal (1,260K .pdf*)

Mormon Slough 4 of 6 Mormon Slough (1,206K .pdf*)

Mormon Slough 5 of 6 Mormon Slough (929K .pdf*)

Mormon Slough 6 of 6 Mormon Slough, Potter Creek, S.P.R.R. Drain (839K .pdf*)

*Note on File Sizes. A large PDF file may need to saved to your computer before it will open successfully. To do so, right-click on the file link, and select “Save Target As”. Pay special attention to the subdirectory on your computer in which you store the file so you can find and open it when needed.

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The Central Valley Flood Protection Board announces its first annual employee recognition awards

In December 2018, CVFPB honored three of its employees for their outstanding staff work and contributions to the Board. The recipients of these first CVFPB awards are:

Permitting Section Chief Gary Lemon
2018 Sustained Superior Accomplishment Award

HR Analyst Amber Woertink
2018 Sustained Superior Accomplishment Award

Office Assistant Wendy Valdez
2018 Sustained Superior Accomplishment Award

All three have demonstrated an exceptional work ethic and pride in their work, even with juggling many duties, dependability, initiative, a "can do" positive and helpful attitude, and promoted a productive "team work" atmosphere at the Board. Congratulations to Gary, Amber, and Wendy - the Board thanks you for your service. You can read more about why these employees were selected in the links above.