From Capradio– The Sacramento region is not prepared for a mega-flood and won’t be for nearly a decade, says Rick Johnson, executive director of the Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency. “We’re still working on getting our base-level protection up,” he said. “But then we need to also address potential for that 100 year [storm] being a much larger event in the future.”

Johnson says there’s more than $3 billion of work currently taking place in the area to build levees, raise dams, redesign part of the American River to hold more water and deepening blockades below levees so water won’t seep underneath them. The goal is to get the region to eventually be able to withstand a 500-year storm. “Even though we have levees in place, we’re having to reconstruct all of them to bring them up to the current standards,” he said. “Natomas and the rest of Sacramento are kind of like a bathtub. Until we get it all done, you can still get flooded from a number of different directions.”(more).