Hamilton City – Flood-prone town protects itself against waters while letting the river roam

Since the 1980s, Hamilton City has been evacuated six times due to threats of inundation. Replacing the levee has been a long time coming, but has begun, and a setback levee is under construction. The Hamilton City setback levee project is not only a good example of better flood protection coming from giving a river space to roam, but also allows the river to spill over its banks and create 1,400 acres of riparian forest and grassland. Continue reading

(Photo by Carolyn Wilke, Sacramento Bee, June 23, 2017)

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Greg Harvey has been selected as the Board’s Plan Implementation and Compliance Branch Chief, effective July 1, 2019. Greg has over 18 years of experience in the engineering field and has been with the Board since 2017. Since that time, Greg has played an active role in the coordination with key agencies for the Central Valley Flood Protection Plan Update, managed multiple flood system improvement projects, and acted as PIC Branch Supervisor for nine months. Congratulations, Greg!