Careers at the Central Valley Flood Protection Board

Want to feel like your job matters?

Your work at the Board does matter, and contributes to public safety by helping to protect the public from the devastation that flooding can cause harm to lives, property, and wildlife habitat.

Board staff consists of engineers, environmental scientists, and supervisory and administrative personnel who work as a small, but productive team for a Governor appointed state regulatory Board responsible for flood management in California’s Central Valley.

We wish to encourage those that are intelligent, creative, and interested in flood management issues and challenges to apply when there is a position open.

Job Opportunities

Current job vacancies are posted below. These positions are open to people who have successfully passed a competitive civil service examination and are eligible on a list; are current and former State employees eligible for the vacant positions under transfer or reinstatement rules.




Vacancy:  Senior Right of Way Agent (Specialist) SENIOR RIGHT OF WAY AGENT, Final Filing Date: 11/19/2018

CVFPB is currently recruiting for a Senior Right of Way Agent (Specialist) OR Associate Right of Way Agent to operate in our SSJDD Land Management Section performing complex, difficult negotiations related to State-owned real property conveyances. While reporting to the CVFPB Environmental Services and Land Management Branch Chief, this position will work closely in conjunction with Senior and Supervising Right of Way Agents from the Department of Water Resources’ Division of Engineering Branch to perform real estate research and inspections on CVFPB’s easements and fee owned property examine property needs and make assessments and recommendation, appraise properties, review property lease agreements and analyze which properties have the ability to generate revenue and royalties, ensure real property rights are properly observed and maintained, and respond to public inquiries regarding matters pertaining to CVFPB right of way.

This is a unique opportunity to gain valuable, hands-on, right of way experience with a regulatory agency, as we prepare to give our next Senior Right of Way Agent and Associate Right of Way Agent examinations. We may hire off the available existing exam lists, or may select an applicant on a full-time, temporary basis as a TAU hire (more information at the link below). Once the examination is given, and the candidate passes, the position will become permanent! This is a valuable, creative way to get real-time, on-the-job experience!

If this sounds like a great fit for you or someone you know, please act soon, as the final filing date for this vacancy is 11/19/18.  More information, including details on how to apply, can be found here: 




Open Examinations

To begin a civil service career at the Central Valley Flood Protection Board or elsewhere in state service, you need to take and pass an examination that will place you on a civil service list.


Student Assistant Positions

The Central Valley Flood Protection Board offers college and university students jobs and internships to give them insight on flood management and environmental issues and enrich their view of state government.