Careers at the Central Valley Flood Protection Board

Want to feel like your job matters?

Your work at the Board does matter, and contributes to public safety by helping to protect the public from the devastation that flooding can cause harm to lives, property, and wildlife habitat.

Board staff consists of engineers, environmental scientists, and supervisory and administrative personnel who work as a small, but productive team for a Governor appointed state regulatory Board responsible for flood management in California’s Central Valley.

We wish to encourage those that are intelligent, creative, and interested in flood management issues and challenges to apply when there is a position open.

Job Opportunities

Current job vacancies are posted below. These positions are open to people who have successfully passed a competitive civil service examination and are eligible on a list; are current and former State employees eligible for the vacant positions under transfer or reinstatement rules.




Staff Services Manager II (Managerial)

$7,442 – $8,453

CVFPB is recruiting for a well-qualified Staff Services Manager II (Managerial) (SSM II) to serve as Chief of our Administrative Services Office (ASO).  The Chief will manage a wide variety of administrative operations and provide agency-wide support in the areas of Board meeting logistics, personnel management, business services, fee collection, land management, logistics, budgeting, contract management, strategic planning, policy development, grant coordination, program control, and training for all Board staff.  Reporting directly to the Executive Officer, and as a member of the Executive Team, the SSM II will advise our Executive Officer on various complex projects and implement new policies and operational programs to meet Legislative mandates governing the Board’s operations. 

The SSM II will provide administrative leadership, have primary long-term agency planning responsibilities, and ensure priority programs have adequate resources to fully implement their programs and complete their projects and activities.  This position is responsible for process development and administration of our new Encroachment Fee Program and Inspection Fee Program, and future grant program development.  In addition to budgetary and financial planning, the Chief of the ASO will need to possess strategic talents and have demonstrable experience with strategic planning efforts, Workforce and Succession Planning, and developing and implementing staffing and training plans. The Chief must exhibit strong, motivational leadership skills, leading by example and mentoring managers and subordinates to do the same. 

You will find additional information about the job, including important details on how to apply, on the CalCareers website here.


Open Examinations

To begin a civil service career at the Central Valley Flood Protection Board or elsewhere in state service, you need to take and pass an examination that will place you on a civil service list.  Learn more about starting a career with the State of California here: Work for the State Brochure


Student Assistant Positions

The Central Valley Flood Protection Board offers college and university students jobs and internships to give them insight on flood management and environmental issues and enrich their view of state government.

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Greg Harvey has been selected as the Board’s Plan Implementation and Compliance Branch Chief, effective July 1, 2019. Greg has over 18 years of experience in the engineering field and has been with the Board since 2017. Since that time, Greg has played an active role in the coordination with key agencies for the Central Valley Flood Protection Plan Update, managed multiple flood system improvement projects, and acted as PIC Branch Supervisor for nine months. Congratulations, Greg!