Careers at the Central Valley Flood Protection Board

Want to feel like your job matters?

Your work at the Board does matter, and contributes to public safety by helping to protect the public from the devastation that flooding can cause harm to lives, property, and wildlife habitat.

Board staff consists of engineers, environmental scientists, and supervisory and administrative personnel who work as a small, but productive team for a Governor appointed state regulatory Board responsible for flood management in California’s Central Valley.

We wish to encourage those that are intelligent, creative, and interested in flood management issues and challenges to apply when there is a position open.

Job Opportunities

Current job vacancies are posted below. These positions are open to people who have successfully passed a competitive civil service examination and are eligible on a list; are current and former State employees eligible for the vacant positions under transfer or reinstatement rules.




Vacancy:  Enforcement Section Chief, SENIOR ENGINEER WATER RESOURCES, Final Filing Date: 10/22/2018

We are currently recruiting for a Senior Engineer, Water Resources (Supervisory) to serve in the critical role as Chief of the CVFPB Enforcement Section. This position is responsible directing the work of the Enforcement Section in ensuring that projects constructed within the State Plan of Flood Control and the designated floodways adhere to federal and State flood control laws and California Water Code Title 23 Regulations, and to identify and take action on CVFPB encroachment permit condition violations. The Enforcement Section Chief will work, through active coordination and cooperation, with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, technical consultants, stakeholders, local agencies, and the general public, to meet the CVFPB mission and goals. The work also includes providing the Local Maintaining Agencies (LMAs) assistance with various State and federal inspection programs, as well as providing the LMAs with support in meeting federal Public Law 84-99 Rehabilitation Program requirements. This Supervisory position will be responsible for all aspects of supervision for the Section including personnel training and development, recruitment efforts, performance management, and will be expected to lead by example. In addition, the Section Chief will prepare presentations and reports to be presented to management and to the Board members at public board meetings, workshops, and committee meetings, and will be responsible for review of staff reports and staff presentations to ensure exceptional work product by staff. Please refer to the duty statement for more details.

If this sounds like a great fit for you or someone you know, please act soon, as the final filing date for this vacancy is 10/22/18.  More information, including details on how to apply, can be found here:



Vacancy:  Chief of Administration, STAFF SERVICES MANAGER I, Final Filing Date: 10/15/18

CVFPB is currently recruiting for a Staff Services Manager I (SSM I) to serve as Chief of the Administrative Services Branch. The SSM I will be responsible for activities and output of the Branch, which encompasses a wide breath of human resources activities such as personnel, budgeting, program control, training, contracts, space management, safety, and the interpretation of laws, rules and regulations governing administrative practices. In addition, the incumbent supervises the Board meeting clerk, who’s work includes board meeting agenda preparation, public meeting logistics, workshops, tours, live web-casting and related responsibilities. The SSM I will formulate and provide recommendations to executive management and the Board on a variety of fiscal, personnel, policy, and program processes and development. As first-line working supervisor, the SSM I may handle the most difficult and confidential personnel and performance management matters personally, collaborating as needed with outside agencies to complete projects.

If this sounds like a great fit for you or someone you know, please act soon, as the final filing date for this vacancy is 10/15/18.  More information, including details on how to apply, can be found here:




Open Examinations

To begin a civil service career at the Central Valley Flood Protection Board or elsewhere in state service, you need to take and pass an examination that will place you on a civil service list.


Student Assistant Positions

The Central Valley Flood Protection Board offers college and university students jobs and internships to give them insight on flood management and environmental issues and enrich their view of state government.