Central Valley Flood Protection Board


The Central Valley Flood Protection Board (CVFPB), originally chartered in 1911 as the Reclamation Board, serves as the liaison between the State of California, its residents, property owners, Central Valley agencies, and the United States government, with the mission “to reduce the risk of catastrophic flooding to people and property within the California central valley” while also considering environmental and habitat concerns.

The CVFPB is committed to its public safety mission and continues to focus substantial energy on its permitting and encroachment enforcement program to help ensure public safety is always at the forefront. Most recently, the CVFPB enacted new regulations in response to SB 753 (Steinberg 2013), which gave the CVFPB powerful new tools to deal with long-standing illegal encroachments upon, under, and around flood control structures which undermine the integrity and stability of the system.

CVFPB is responsible for the preservation and protection of the present State Plan of Flood Control system, plus any improvements made to the system, such as those resulting from the implementation of the historic 2012 Central Valley Flood Protection Plan (CVFPP). The agency is enthusiastically pursuing its new role guiding the implementation of the CVFPP and created its first ever Strategic Plan to be transparent to stakeholders and set priorities for CVFPB staff.

The CVFPB has also been successful in bringing together the seemingly disparate interests of federal, local and State maintainers, the environmental community, the agricultural community and the local land use agencies, and given them all a place to hear and be heard. In the past two years, the CVFPB created the Coordinating Committee and has hosted countless meetings for local maintaining agencies, Department of Water Resources (DWR), non-governmental organizations (NGOs), federal and state wildlife agencies, and others, to get together and discuss real time issues that affect everyone involved in CVFPP implementation.

The CVFPB continues to facilitate interaction between the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and the local flood control agencies charged with operation and maintenance of the myriad of flood control structures. This interaction helps the local agencies interpret the specific obligations in the operations and maintenance manuals for each system, and identifies potential roadblocks to accomplishing all of the maintenance required.

The CVFPB also governs the Sacramento and San Joaquin Drainage District, which extends through 14 counties and comprises 1.7 million acres lying within the most flood-prone area of California. Cities and counties within the Sacramento-San Joaquin Drainage District are required to submit their updated draft general plans and safety elements of their plan to the Board for review and comment.

A Century of Progress – brochure celebrating the Board’s history (from 2012)
A River’s Desire – a short film history of the Central Valley Flood Protection Board (from 2012)