Encroachment Permit Information and Application Forms

The following Central Valley Flood Protection Board (CVFPB) forms are available to the public electronically. Please read the General Permit Application Information, Permit Application Review Process, Permit Application Submittal Information and Environmental and CEQA Considerations pages prior to completing and submitting your application.

General Permit Application Information

Permit Application Review Process

Permit Application Submittal Information

Environmental and CEQA Considerations


Time Variance Request (TVR) to Work During the Flood Season – Nov.1st to April 15th or July 15th

Time Variance Request Template (Word)


Time Variance Request Template (pdf)



New Encroachment Permit Application Forms

3615 – Application (pdf)

3615a – Environmental Assessment Questionnaire (pdf)


Existing Encroachment Permit Application Forms

Encroachment Permit Name Change Form (pdf) – To be used only when there is a need to update the owner/permittee of an existing encroachment permit that has been issued by the CVFPB (formerly Reclamation Board).


For Questions please call us at (916) 574-0609, or e-mail us at Questions@CVFlood.ca.gov.