CVFPB Executive Officer Leslie Gallagher is a Board member of the National Association of Flood & Stormwater Management Agencies (NAFSMA). NAFSMA is an organization of public agencies whose function is the protection of lives, property and economic activity from the adverse impacts of storm and flood waters. NAFSMA’s mission: “The mission of the Association is to advocate public policy, encourage technologies and conduct education programs which facilitate and enhance the achievement of the public service function of its members.”

NAFSMA’s advocacy on behalf of flood plain managers and flood risk reduction agencies align with the Board’s goals of reducing the risk of flooding in the Central Valley and implementing the Central Valley Flood Protection Plan, as well as the Governor’s California Water Action Plan. When relevant, our website will be posting NAFSMA updates, both in this News & Highlights section and under the NAFSMA Updates tab on the right-hand side of this website. To learn more about NAFSMA, please go to the NAFSMA Update tab, or click here.