From the Department of Water Resources

With warm temperatures here to stay in Northern California, runoff into Lake Oroville from snowmelt has significantly dwindled with outflows currently exceeding inflows. The Department of Water Resources (DWR) continues to meet water delivery and environmental requirements while optimizing water storage to allow for carryover storage into next year. Releases from Oroville Dam’s main spillway ceased in May with water being routed through the Hyatt Powerplant for power generation. When the main spillway is not in use, water may still be seen on the main spillway outlet as the seals on the eight radial gates are not designed to be watertight. The gate seals do not play a role in the structural integrity of the gates, which continue to operate as intended. Visitors to Oroville Dam may also notice minor amounts of water flowing from drains built into the emergency spillway. This is normal and expected given the emergency spillway design. The dam and emergency spillway continue to operate as intended. (more)