From – San Joaquin County will likely see rain showers and possible thunderstorms this week, followed by a warm storm system into the weekend that could threaten more flooding. The National Weather Service in Sacramento on Monday said the valley has a high chance of seeing rain from an existing storm system through Wednesday morning. Beginning Thursday evening, the weather service predicts a warmer storm system will bring heavier rain and potential roadway flooding.

County Director of Emergency Operations Tiffany Heyer said the warmer system later this week could bring one to two inches of rain to San Joaquin County, and potentially three inches in isolated areas.

“We’ve continued to see these wet patterns and we haven’t really dried out,” Heyer said. “Low lying (areas) that see flooding from just normal storms come through, those will likely see something again. We have all the normal drainage type issues, but … we continue to monitor for the river rises and snowmelt and reservoirs.” (more)