From USBR News– Restoring fish habitat and reestablishing a functional floodplain are at the heart of this important multi-agency project completed in Trinity County. The Oregon Gulch Channel Rehabilitation Project is designed to improve the overall function of the Trinity River restoration area. The recently completed project reestablished a functional floodplain, increased river connections, created juvenile salmon and steelhead habitat, increased river flows, provided cover for fish, restored native plant diversity, increased channel complexity, and increased groundwater retention. “This project has been monumental in scale,” said TRRP’s Executive Director Mike Dixon. “In 15 months, restoration efforts have relocated approximately 550,000 cubic yards of mining waste, an amount which the river would have been incapable of reclaiming in any of our lifetimes. Due to the efforts and craft of many, but especially of the Yurok Tribal construction crew and the Hoopa Valley Tribal revegetation team, this floodplain can now evolve to become open bars, wetland, sedge meadow, and riparian shrub and forest habitat.” (more)