From USACE, Sacramento DistrictFirst major upgrade in Sacramento Weir’s 106-year history

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is funding expansion of the Sacramento Weir. The approximately $350 million project involves widening the 1,950-foot weir an additional 1,500 feet north. The weir’s 48 manually-operated gates will remain intact. The expansion is constructing a passive weir to essentially allow excessive floodwaters to flow over the river channels and into the bypasses — in turn widening the surface area, and meaning the Sacramento Weir will be used less frequently for more severe flood events.

The Sacramento Weir Widening Project is split into two projects: 

1.  The Sac Bypass Widening which is currently awarded and under construction by the California Department of Water Resources (DWR).
2.  The Sacramento Weir Widening Project is being run by the Sacramento District USACE.


The Corps, Central Valley Flood Protection Board, California Department of Water Resources, and the Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency estimate the project to be complete by December 2026.

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