From The Porterville Recorder – The $39.2 million is part of $100 million that was included in this year’s state budget for the repairs of four of the state’s major water resources: the California Aqueduct, the San Luis Canal, the Delta-Mendota Canal and the Friant-Kern Canal. A total of $37 million was allocated to both the California Aqueduct and San Luis Canal and $23.8 million was allocated to the Delta-Mendota Canal. The $100 million is a down payment of sorts on State Senator Melissa Hurtado’s Senate Bill 559, which proposes to allocated $785 million for the repairs of the California Aqueduct, the Delta-Mendota Canal and the Friant-Kern Canal. SB559 would allocated $308 million for the Friant-Kern Canal. In the end Governor Gavin Newsom proposed $200 million toward fixing the canals this year. Eventually $100 million was set aside in this year’s budget and another $100 million is authorized for next year’s budget. (more)