From DredgingToday.comThe U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Sacramento District recently reached two important milestones for the small town of Hamilton City, California, located about 100 miles north of Sacramento. Margaret Engesser, a project manager with Sacramento District, has become very familiar with the Hamilton City and its levee system. “December was an important month for the Hamilton City Flood Risk Reduction and Ecosystem Restoration project,” said Engesser. “It marked the completion of the construction of a portion of the new Phase 2B levee that will add additional protection for the town. Additionally, the first phase of the ecosystem restoration was completed.” The Hamilton City Project is unique because it is one of the Corps’ first multipurpose projects, authorized for the purposes of flood risk management and ecosystem restoration. When completed, it will include 6.8 miles of new “setback” levee, providing much-needed flood protection, and will restore approximately 1,500 acres of native riparian habitat. (more)