From Stanford/Water in the West – A diverse group representing competing interests believes it is on the verge of something long thought impossible: an agreement that guides sustainable water use across California’s San Joaquin Valley. Born out of a September 2020 “Uncommon Dialogues” session, the San Joaquin Valley Water Collaborative Action Program (CAP) has assembled a framework for cooperation that engenders feelings of optimism among participants. Tim Quinn, the group’s co-facilitator, said an agreement on policy recommendations could be endorsed by stakeholders as early as next month. Progress hasn’t always been easy. For decades, water policy in the Valley has been characterized by conflict and strife, as farmers, water districts, and environmental protection advocates fought battles in political arenas and the courts. A years-long drought — and growing uncertainty brought on by climate change — have increased tensions and injected a sense of urgency into discussions, leading all sides to seek common ground. (more)