From the Manteca/Ripon Bulletin – About a dozen or so residents from the area impacted by the Manteca Dry Land Levee Project believe their lifestyles, their neighborhood, and their property values are being sacrificed for the benefit of more development. If 200-year flood protection is not in place or in the process of being built by 2030, the state will halt all new development in the impacted area. Residents turned out Monday for a Planning, Evaluation & Concept Project presentation at the Manteca Transit Center. They were concerned about the plans for dry land levees that could affect the longtime homes in south Manteca. Engineers, as part of the state-mandated 200-year flood protection for a large portion of southwest Manteca and into parts of Lathrop — further south than originally envisioned — worked with the San Joaquin Area Flood Control Agency on alternatives for the cross levee designed to hold back flood waters from the San Joaquin and Stanislaus rivers. (more)