From Sacramento News & Review – Sitting at the intersection of the Yuba and Feather Rivers, Yuba County has been described by the US Army Corps of Engineers as being “most prone to severe flooding of any river valley in the United States.” For this reason, it’s important that significant effort be made to reduce the risk of flooding as much as possible, and that Yuba County residents be informed of their personal flood risk. Fortunately, residents have several tools at their disposal to help them do that. Leading the charge is Yuba Water Agency. Formed in 1959 in response to a 1955 flood in next-door Sutter County that displaced 40,000 residents and killed 38, Yuba Water Agency has worked tirelessly over the decades to construct the New Bullards Bar Reservoir, to invest in strengthening the county’s levee infrastructure and to utilize technology to help reduce flood risk. (more)