From Department of Water Resources The Department of Water Resources (DWR) today released the final Guidelines and Proposal Solicitation Package for the Riverine Stewardship Program, which provides funding to plan and implement projects that will reduce flooding, improve water quality, and restore streams, creeks, and rivers to enhance the environment for fish, wildlife, and people. As communities and wildlife alike face challenges posed by climate extremes and California’s ongoing drought conditions, the program will award up to $15 million in competitive grants to implement projects that help reduce flood risk, increase water supply, and enhance and restore fish populations and habitat. The funding will be delivered through the Riverine Stewardship Program and its two subprograms: the Urban Streams Restoration Program (USRP) and the San Joaquin Fish Population Enhancement Program. All three programs will help support watersheds, local wildlife, and aquatic habitat. Eligible projects include habitat restoration, bank stabilization, water temperature improvements and habitat enhancements to increase water supply reliability to help fish adapt to climate change. (more)