April 28, 2017. At the CVFPB’s monthly Board Meeting, Col. David Ray, David Thomas, Director of Mega Project Center, and Rick Poeppelman, Chief of Division of Engineering from the USACE provided an update on the projects associated with Folsom Dam: 1) the Folsom Dam Modifications (Joint Federal Project), 2) the Water Control Manual Update (WCMU), 3) the Folsom Dam Raise Project. For the JFP, the control structure and spillway construction have been substantially completed. USACE and US Bureau of Reclamation are working on the turnover and commissioning process. The ribbon cutting ceremony is expected to be in October of 2017. The WCMU is the “rule book” by which Folsom Dam is operated, which is also expected to be complete by the fall this year. The Folsom Dam Raise Project is currently under design. The construction phase is expected to start in late 2018.