From Governor’s Office of Planning and Research California is already experiencing the impacts of climate change. In the last decade, Californians have endured severe droughts, floods, historic wildfires, rising seas, and record temperatures all driven by climate change. Building resilience to these impacts requires sustained investment in climate change research and science.

Senate Bill 1320 (Stern, 2020) calls on the State to advance action-based science by developing California Climate Change Assessments at least every five years. Previous Assessments (2006, 2009, 2012, 2018) contributed to a growing understanding about the impacts of climate change in California and offer communities and decision-makers the tools to take action. Building on the strong foundation set by previous Assessments, the California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research is leading implementation of the Fifth California Climate Change Assessment (Fifth Assessment) in partnership with the California Energy Commission, California Natural Resources Agency, and California Strategic Growth Council. For more information and to view the previous California Climate Change Assessments, go here: