From the City of Roseville – When it comes to water, it pays to plan ahead. You never know when that rainy day—or prolonged drought—may come. Roseville and Placer County leaders are pursuing long-term solutions to bolster water supply reliability while accommodating rapid population growth. “Roseville takes a holistic approach to water supply,” explained Roseville Water Utility Manager George Hanson. “We look at varied sources such as groundwater, alternatives to Folsom Reservoir and water conservation, and how we can be more efficient. “With this approach, we’ve built a robust water supply. The challenge in the future [will be] that we need to anticipate events and needs to ensure our water supply.” Roseville is Placer County’s largest city, with a population of about 155,000 that is expected to top out at 230,000 people—a 48 percent increase. So city leaders don’t need to plan for current residents but those to come. (more)