The Central Valley Flood Protection Board (CVFPB) is pleased to announce Board Vice-President Emma Suarez and Board Members Joseph Countryman, Tim Ramirez, and Clyde Macdonald, re-appointed to four-year terms by Governor Brown, were confirmed by the Senate on August 11, 2016. 

They join President Bill Edgar, Secretary Jane Dolan, and Board Member Michael Villines who were all re-confirmed to four year terms in 2014.  The Board continues to work effectively, making positive changes, for the California Central Valley.

The CVFPB is the State regulatory agency responsible for ensuring that safety standards are met for the construction, maintenance, and operation of the flood control system that protects life, property, and wildlife habitat in California’s vast and diverse Central Valley from the devastating effects of flooding. CVFPB issues encroachment permits and works with local, State and federal agencies to improve the flood protection structures, enforces removal of problematic encroachments, provides an open forum for stakeholders, and keeps watch over the Central Valley’s flood system.

The professional staff is governed by a Board, consisting of seven voting members who are Governor-appointed and Senate confirmed. The Board members bring a unique expertise in the areas of flood control, engineering, water law, and hydrology, as well as the agricultural community and environmental stewardship perspectives, providing a balanced view and discussion of flood management issues.

 “We are pleased to see the re-appointments validate the direction the Board has taken to manage flood risk in the Central Valley. The Board brings vast and specialized knowledge and experience in flood management. We are fortunate to have members of the Board who are dedicated to public safety within the California Central Valley.”

~ Leslie Gallagher, Executive Officer, CVFPB