From The Manteca/Ripon Bulletin Mayor Ben Cantu believes it is irresponsible for the City of Manteca to continue issuing building permits within the 200-year floodplain before additional levee improvements are in place. Cantu last week was on the losing end of a 4-1 council vote certifying adequate progress is being made by Reclamation District 17 to start construction of upgraded levees along the San Joaquin River as well as a controversial dry levee in Manteca’s southwest flank by Oct. 31, 2025 that will meet the new 200-year rating as mandated by Sacramento under Senate Bill 5. The annual certification that work is underway has been needed since July 2016 under a provision of SB5 that allows jurisdictions to continue legally issuing building permits within the 200-year flood zone. The existing levees are certified to protect against 100-year floods. The state established the tougher 200-year standard in 2007. (more)