From The Daily Democrat – Every year the Natural Resources Division of Yolo County leads the physical inspection of the active channel and floodplain of lower Cache Creek as a public Cache Creek Technical Advisory Committee meeting. The trek started Wednesday at the Capay Dam and proceeded east with Thursday’s section starting at the Syar Industries Plant east of Madison. Friday’s hike started at the Cache Creek Nature Preserve and continued on to the lower stretch of the stream. Along the way, the “walkers” also took in the opportunity to view the wetlands area of the Cache Creek Nature Preserve, which this year is filled with water, unlike some previous years when it dried out due to the continuing drought. As a result of the “wetlands rejuvenation project,” according to Lynne Haralson, Cache Creek Conservancy habitat restoration specialist, more tule reeds and willows are bouncing back after a controlled burn was held in 2022 to remove some invasive plants. (more)