From Farm Bureau’s Ag Alert – To adapt to climate extremes and become more water resilient in California, modernizing the state’s water data—including the way it is collected, stored, shared and used—may lead to more informed decisions. Improving data practices to best manage California’s water resources helped drive discussions last week as state and local water managers, farmers, environmentalists and others gathered in Sacramento for the 62nd annual California Irrigation Institute Conference. “To really understand what that vulnerability is from the headwater to the groundwater to the outflow in a watershed, we need to bring together multiple data layers,” said Kamyar Guivetchi, planning division manager for the California Department of Water Resources. “Those same layers will help us come up with adaptation strategies that can help us get in front of and hopefully manage the impacts of climate change.” With a theme of “Fluid Futures: Adapting to Extremes,” the Feb. 26-27 event focused on leveraging information and data technology to help with water-management decisions. (more)