Twenty-Six Delta Levee Subventions Program Agreements have been signed by CVFPB Executive Officer Leslie Gallagher this month. Every year CVFPB reviews, approves, and enters into an agreement with local agencies for funding of this critical maintenance grants program authorized by the California legislature in 1973. More than 60 reclamation districts in the Delta and Suisun Marsh maintain, plan, and complete levee maintenance projects to improve the flood control system and provide protection to public and private investments in the Delta, including water supply, habitat, and wildlife.  The twenty-six agreements recently approved by CVFPB include work at Weber Tract, Twitchell Island, Quimby Island, Bethel Island, Lincoln Village West, McDonald Island, Brack Tract, Hotchkiss Tract, Empire Tract, Staten Island, Upper Jones Tract, King Island, Woodward Island, McCormack-Williamson Tract, Brannan-Andrus Island, Union East Island, Union West Island, Pearson District, Bouldin Island, Byron Tract, Smith Tract, Holland Tract, Webb Tract, Bacon Tract, and Dutch Slough.