2024 Meetings


Prior Meetings

For archived board meeting information since 2004, please call us at (916) 574-0609, or e-mail us at questions@cvflood.ca.gov.

Meeting recordings from April 2020 to present can be viewed on our CVFPB YouTube Channel.

Meeting recordings prior to April 2020 can be viewed at the following link: Archived Meeting Recordings.


Public Comments For Virtual Board Meetings

Members of the public who wish to provide public comment on a particular agendized matter are encouraged to submit those comments in writing prior to the meeting by emailing questions@cvflood.ca.gov. Comments received prior to the meeting will be provided to the full Board and staff. During the meeting, members of the public may provide general comments or comments on a particular matter (at or before the time the item is called) by emailing questions@cvflood.ca.gov.


Public Comments For In-Person Board Meetings

If you plan on speaking at the next Central Valley Flood Protection Board meeting under Public Comments, please do the following:

There are sign-in sheets and speaker cards available on the table that sits at the entrance to the Council Chambers. Sign the attendance sheet and fill out a speaker card; present the speaker slip to a member of the Central Valley Flood Protection Board staff sitting to the right of the dais. Speakers will be heard in the order the cards are received. Speakers before the Board will be limited to 5 minutes of presentation time.

If you are providing materials for the Board to look at, bring 20 copies, and hand those to the Staff Assistant for distribution to Board Members, Board staff, the Court Reporter, and for the Central Valley Flood Protection Board files.

MATERIAL POSTED ON THIS WEBSITE: Please note that the material on this website is provided as a courtesy to the public and may not include all documents distributed to the Central Valley Flood Protection Board pertaining to a particular agenda item. The complete packet of material prepared by Central Valley Flood Protection Board staff for each agenda item will be available for public inspection at the meeting, and any material prepared by other persons and presented to the Board will be available after the meeting.